About Us

who we are:

we are curly and textured hair enthusiasts. 

we are masters of the outdo.

outdo is a quick hair care system for all curly and textured hair types.  

what's an outdo? An Outdo is any hair style you wear freely including blowouts, twistouts and curlouts, and other quick styles for kinky, curly, wavy or straight hair.

what we 'do: we offer products and services that create quick, fresh styles for ALL textures: kinky, curly or straight (no hate)! 

you are a fly gal who rocks your hair kinky, curly, wavy or straight, and you're looking for products & services that give you the best, laid outdos  in the quickest amount of time.  Busy mom, career woman, student, socialite, or you just don't have time to get pretty? We've got you covered.

what's the outbar? Our flagship beauty bar that offer quick styling services for all hair types 

outdo is a freedom movement, inspiring people everywhere to rock their hair as they please. 




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